3rd – 6th Grade

T&T Boy Clubbers & T&T Girl Clubbers learn “The Ultimate Adventure” of life as they work through their handbooks each year. Some of the questions covered in the handbooks include: Why did God give us the Bible? Who is God? Who is the Lord Jesus? How does God want me to live my life? What does God say about my home and family? Why should I go to church? How can I help other people? What do I need to know about Satan, angels and the future? How do we know the Bible is true? What do I need to know about the Holy Spirit? How can I grow spiritually? What is a good friend?

Here again, parent involvement is a vital part of your Clubber’s success. Parents can assist their Clubbers by helping them remember to come prepared for Theme Nights, assisting with verse memorization, bringing friends and being willing to lend a hand during serving events.

T&T Boy Clubbers meet in one classroom and T&T Girl Clubbers meet in another classroom downstairs. Boy Clubbers and Girl Clubbers will meet up together for game time. They are to be dropped off promptly at 6:00 p.m. and picked up by 7:15 p.m.

Serving Projects

T&T clubbers will have the serving opportunities of making Christmas and Easter Cards for the Avon Nursing Facility. Singing Christmas Carols to the Avon Nursing Facility and playing BINGO with the residents. Bringing in plastic recyclables to fund money for CompassCare.

Weekly Schedule

Snack Time – Tasty Finger food!!

Worship Time- Third through sixth grade all worship God together with modern song by Hillsong

Handbook Time – Small group time to recite sections to Leader. Handbook is divided into two groups of 3rd-4th and then 5th -6th.

Council Time Message from God’s Word. Council time is divided into two groups of 3rd-4th and then 5th -6th.

Game Time – FUN!!

Thank you to all the T&T Leaders,  Game Leaders, and volunteers for welcoming our children.