Welcome to AWANA 2021-2022 we are meeting on Wednesdays in the fall! Email us at for more information or any questions. 

Registration is open for the 2020 – 2021 year. Once it is full, you will be placed on our wait list. The wait list gets long. I highly encourage you to find another AWANA Club instead of not going and waiting for a spot to open up. You could be waiting all year.

If you have a kid(s) between 3 years old and 6th grade and looking for a club to join, Wheatland Community Church invites you to join us. . .

Come check out the FUN! Prizes, Badges to earn, and lots of fun games!!

The method is FUN! Awana Club meetings are packed with life-changing experiences. The clubs are run by trained leaders who have a love for the Lord Jesus Christ and a desire to help young people. The club materials are filled with verses from the Bible and guidelines to help kids memorize and understand them.