Wheatland Community Church | Know • Love • Share

Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Know God, Love God, and Share His love with others.

Our Goals

We believe that God has created us to have a meaningful relationship with Him and loving relationships with a community of people (church) who have faith in God. We believe that the most God-honoring and enjoyable life we can live is in pursuing these 5 goals. These goals are for those who would call themselves Christians, or as we say, disciples (followers) of Jesus:

  • Participate in the worship service on Sunday mornings
  • Be involved in a FLOCKS group (or engage in frequent and purposeful time with other disciples)
  • Serve in a ministry of the church
  • Have daily personal time with God (reading the Bible and praying)
  • Live on mission (serve, love, share the gospel)
"Our mission is to know God, love God and others, and to share the love of Christ with others"